5 Men’s Summer Subscription Boxes


Everyone deserves to spoil themselves. Today we’ve rounded up our top 5 Men’s Summer Subscription Boxes.

1. Stitch Fix

Our first recommendation is not a “box” per se, it’s more of a clothing fix for guys that don’t like shopping for clothes.

Stitch Fix is a custom clothing site that sends you a sample of clothes. Whatever you want to keep you keep, and whatever you don’t you send back with free shipping. They only charge you for what you keep. Genius! Remember when the founders were on shark tank? They passed up the Sharks offers because it was already successful then and still is. Clothing can be ordered by season so if you still need some summer threads: Try it out.

How Stitch Fix works: You provide your price range, size & style. You only have to pay a $20 styling fee which gets credited toward pieces you keep. Get a style “fix” anytime you want. You get to try on clothing at home before you buy, keep your favorite pieces, and send back the rest. Stitch Fix offers free shipping, returns and exchanges—a prepaid return envelope is also included. There are no hidden fees, ever and no subscription required. You can try Stitch Fix once and setup automatic deliveries. They have 1,000+ brands and styles from sizes XS-3XL, waists 28″-48ʺ and inseams 28″-36ʺ—including Big and Tall.

2. Birchbox Mens

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Birchbox was one of the first and very successful beauty supply monthly subscription boxes for women. They branched into men’s grooming boxes and have now become one of the most successful subscription membership companies. They form brand partnerships with brands to offer unique products at a fraction of the cost of retail. The coolest part about Birchbox is their boxes start at $10/month. So skip that In-n-Out day and you’ve just made your first Birchbox payment. Let us know what you get!

Birchbox is a unique way to enhance your styling game. When you subscribe to Birchbox, you’ll receive a monthly package with a mix of 5 deluxe samples handpicked by their team. Looking great just got a lot easier with their styling tips.

3. Watchgang

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It’s a known fact that men don’t have many options to spice up their fashion game. Clothes, shoes, hats, jackets and a nice watch is about as far as men’s fashion goes for most. So the right watch is key for the outfit. How can you expect a women to take you seriously, or know you understand responsibility when she asks you what time it is and you have to fumble around in your pocket for your phone?! Just flip your wrist over and there it is. When it sparkles in the sun just right it will catch their eyes.

Here’s the details Watchgang offers on their site FAQ:

The watch of the month club changes because Watchgang partners with a new timepiece maker every month. Each Friday one member wins a Rolex. That’s not the only incentive: Other members receive hand picked watches. If you love timepieces and want to start a collection, join the Watchgang!

4. Sun Basket Food Box

Ph: Sun Basket

A sure fire way to get a lady to stay for the evening if not overnight has always been to cook a great meal paired with tasty cocktails or a nice bottle of wine. For this we recommend Sun Basket Food Box.

Here’s what they offer:

Their plans are available in two or four servings. Dinners start at $10.99 per serving.

You can custom meal plans for yourself or your date.

Choose a meal plan for your taste, or mix and match any of their weekly recipes via their website. A few favorites are: Gluten-Free and vegetarian, pescatarian Mediterranean. You can add breakfast and lunch to your meal plan or choose from their selection of curated add-ons like healthy snacks, and specialty meats.

From their site: “Enjoy your meal delivery, on your schedule Your order arrives cold-packed at your doorstep. Follow simple cooking or heat-only instructions. Skip a week or cancel your meal plan anytime.”

If you’re cooking a great meal you need wine to go with it which leads us to our favorite and last but not least subscription box number 5.

5. Winc

Ph: Forbes

Winc is a membership wine club. You can subscribe to different tiered pricing packages to get more bottles of wine or less per month. Not everyone drinks wine. But those who do sure love it as much as we do. Step up your game and spend time at winc.com and keep your wine rack stocked for date nights and guests.

Here’s their interesting success story:

Founded in 2012 by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane, Winc joined forces with winemaker and sommelier, Brian Smith. Their vision was to build a personalized wine club  that offered a user friendly online subscription. With California based wines from featured restaurants and select retailers, Winc has a list of hundreds of thousands of different wines available.

With summer here be sure to check out our perfect backyard weekend plans and favorite summer cocktail to whip up a crisp and refreshing summer drink!

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