Are Beach Sound Baths The New Social Distancing Meditative Practice?

Are Beach Sound Baths The New Social Distancing Meditative Practice?

Yesterday I took a trip to Santa Barbara with a friend of mine. Since we had never traveled together and COVID-19 cases are still rising, I packed a bag filled with preventives for everything. Typically I would meditate or take a bath if fear or anxiety snuck up, but since we were on the road I came prepared.

The day was absolutely perfect and left me craving travel and a beach sound bath. BTW, I had no idea what an actual sound bath was before writing this article. I’d heard of them and know the best classes in Los Angeles to take them. However, the skeptic in me has never tried this 45 min to 3 hour practice myself.

After a few hours at the beach and a group of devoted yogis meditating and dancing around with wireless headphones, I couldn’t help but wonder: Are sound baths the new social distancing mediative practice?

After three months locked inside you can convince me to do just about anything outdoors, especially at the beach. My first thought was these people were all on psychedelics, but after doing a little research today I think it was a sound bath. Which actually makes more sense to me: Hosting a sound bath at the beach aka near the water. Traditionally these classes, or ceremonies, are held in a room with a group of people on yoga mats and blankets listening to a sound DJ or therapist.

Sound bath meditations are an excellent way to manage stress. Though it can be very difficult to relax, the instrument creates a frequency that vibrates in your body and helps guide you to a healing and restorative state. Something we can all appreciate after Cornavirus. If you suffer from anxiety or stress a sound bath might be worth looking into. Otherwise you can always go to the beach and listen to the waves crash to calm you.

For those interested in beach sound baths, if they aren’t already being hosted regularly, I might start a group for this meditation practice post COVID-19. Any professional sound therapists out there?

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