Are Masks The New Summer Sex Appeal?

I never thought I would be on the hunt for stylish masks, but here we are. When COVID-19 initially happened, before masks were made mandatory, I felt weird going in public wearing one. Of course, I care more about the safety and health of myself and others so I always made sure I did. However, now fully reliant upon taking the safest measures and always having more than mask in tow, I’ve started questioning: Do we look better in masks? Are masks the new summer sex appeal?

Call me crazy but today while jogging through my neighborhood with Gatsby (my dog), a guy driving turned to stare at me and almost hit another car. I realize men are more visual than most women and notice everything, but this is the second time in one day. Yesterday while leaving an appointment two men stopped me on the street to hit on me. I can no longer count the number of times I’ve caught the glances of men checking me and my mask out. Are masks attractive, or have people decided to disregard them and go straight for other body parts because of their quarantine horniness and/or role play fantasies?

Naturally curious I had to get the facts in order to decide how I really felt about masks: sexy versus not sexy. Since you can’t see half of someones face wearing a mask it makes people mysterious. However, I am attracted to a man who chooses to wear a mask because he’s taking precautions to be safe. There is nothing less attractive or annoying than seeing someone in public without a face covering. Hence the trending social media hashtag #WearADamnMask. I admit I wear both masks and bandanas because of the heat which can make masks unbreathable. But I always wear a mask in public places or around others. Though I don’t mind either, I do think my Dior bandana is safe, sexy and stylish, but I’ve seen men wearing N95 masks who looked attractive.

Take Chris Pine for example. Prior to Coronavirus would BuzzFeed publish the post, “Chris Pine Buying Books and Wearing a Mask Is Literally the Hottest Celeb Pic of 2020.” leading us to believe that safety is the new sexy? I guess Justin isn’t bringing sexy back Chris is. Though Chris can do nothing wrong in my book, he looks sexier wearing a mask because he cares about protecting himself and others. Whether nice guys like Chris Pine (featured below), or bad boy outlaws and motorcyclists in bandanas, there is something attractive and desirable about wanting to know what is beneath the mask.

Since we don’t have a choice to wear masks it doesn’t matter how we feel or look in them. It’s best to accept them as accessories like a great pair of sunglasses and protect ourselves. Now that it’s apparent people will still try to hit on you wearing a mask, keep it stylish and cool in this summer heat. Just avoid wearing sunglasses if you want to spark curiosity and intimacy with direct eye-to-eye contact.

By now if you aren’t already wearing a mask you’re the only one. So whether you think they are attractive, stylish or neither, it doesn’t matter. The style forecast in 2020 is all about saving lives. Don’t be rebellious and go against what’s trending in both safety and fashion. Just remember, a mask is the new equivalent to a women in a bikini or a man in a suit. It adds an element of excitement to the imagination.

Leave us a comment below with your favorite masks for summer.

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