DILF Of The Day: Abraham Geary

DILF Of The Day: Abraham Geary

DILF Of The Day: Abraham Geary

Who: Abraham Geary aka Abe

Nicknames: Bear

What: Industrial Designer, Space invader, all around go getter! Father of two little forces of nature 3 and 5. My hobbies include: lumber-jacking, motorcycle wrenching, wave carving. I am a creativetype: 3D space… keep me away from microphones. My passion is adventure in all forms (Indiana Jones was my Hero).

Where: Live Topanga. I like to travel anywhere with a wave and a nightlife.

When: 42. My life plans are to make a lot, see a lot, do a lot and love a lot. My bucket list is to show my kids the world and learn to sing.

Why: My lifestyle is chill but I achieve too! My heritage is a mix of: English, Irish, Italian. I am Baptist (a little out of practice).

How: I don’t talk about Politics 😊. My goal is to always be growing. The dream is to live on a sail boat while traveling the world.

Status: Married

DILF Of The Day: Abraham Geary

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