DILF Of The Day: Brandon O’Connell

DILF Of The Day: Brandon O’connell

DILF OF THE DAY: Brandon O’Connell

Who: Brandon O’Connell

Nickname: @trashcancut

What: Business Partner at Blush Luxury Events

Co Creator Of Adair Care CBD

Co Creator of Adair Lashes

Creative Director of Marketing at Salon Adair

Sales Director at Yes Trading Company

Where: I live in Carlsbad Ca. Born in LA and love going to Thailand Chaing Mai.

When: 35. Life plan is to start the most creative and innovative event production company this world has ever seen. Bucket list is to start the biggest B2B Music and Arts Festival ever created.

Why: I’m a creative. Been in bands, part of huge productions, and created some pretty awesome product lines. Irish Mexican. Love is my religion.

How: Family legacy is insane. Salesmen and entrepreneurial motivated men.

Status: Happily in love with Chelsea Adair @mrshairstylist.

DILF Of The Day: Brandon O’connell
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