DILF Of The Day: Charles Beau Pollock

DILF of the Day: Beau Pollock

DILF OF THE DAY: Charles Beau Pollock

Who: Charles Beau Pollock, C. Beau Pollock

Nickname: Beau, Beauseph, Beauski, Beau Jackson

What: Author/Writer, Event Director/Security Director, Creative/Media Producer, Dad of one super cute five year old boy, Surfer, Activist, Musician.

Where: Venice, Topanga, Malibu. Born in SoCal raised in Norcal. Lived in Hawaii as well as world travelled.

When: 40. Plan to travel the world more and focus on writing and music. Definitely want to travel to space someday if Spacex makes it possible.

Why: Half Scottish, Half mutt with 1/8 Arab and Romanian Jewish Gypsy in there. I go to a Catholic Church because the choir is amazing and it gives me time to connect with my ancestors and give thanks.

How: I plan to raise my son surfing and playing soccer in Topanga and Malibu and help him build his dreams. I love the alternative living lifestyle of tiny houses and off grid/ highly sustainable and ecological tech. I’m single and plan to stay single. I like the freedom of it and ability to focus on my career and passions.

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