DILF Of The Day: Jeffrey Damnit

DILF Of The Day: Jeffrey Damnit

DILF Of The Day: Jeffrey Damnit

Who: Jeffrey Damnit

Nicknames: Isn’t Jeffrey Damnit enough? J/K. Well, some people from way back in High School still call me Billy (the Kid) for wearing cowboy boots and long overcoats when I was a freshman.  My friends and coworkers at Insomniac Events call me “The Mayor” as that was one of the recurring characters I played while MCing EDC & Escape.

What: I’m an actor, writer, fire-breathing bartender, nightclub owner, & (back when there were still things to do and places to go) I’ve hosted and MC’d hundreds of events. From the festivals I just mentioned, to nightclubs, concerts, vampire balls, award shows, charity events, and West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnival. 

Where: I’m originally from Chicago (well, the North ‘burbs where all things John Hughes were based). Then, I lived in New Orleans (where I still spend about 1/10 of my time), and now I’m right in the center of Hollywood. I planned on seeing England for the first time when the world got shut down and hope to check it out soon. But so far, Southeast Asia has been my favorite place to visit and it seems to pull me back all the time.

When: I’ve been a teenager for decades and plan on keeping it that way. I’ve found that you don’t need to get old to grow up! Once this virus is done with us, I’m hoping to partner up on a few more nightclubs and bars until I eventually have a little dive all to myself. Businesses or not, I’ll never give up on the entertainment gigs. That’s really how I hope to reach people. There’s nothing more honorable you can do than helping someone have a good time. 

Why: While not trying to sound too hedonistic, I just wake up every day and hope to have as much fun as possible. We could all die tomorrow, especially during a friggin’ pandemic, so why not go out with a smile? You’ll never regret it on the next new days you’re given… so just have a blast with life! You asked about religion and I have no good answer for you there… kinda just like a religion. 

How: Politically I’m a Centrist with Liberal roots. I feel that what we are (well… at least what I am) currently exposed to from both sides is coated by too much irrational extremism and it’s just tearing people further apart. Which, if I were one to indulge in conspiracy theories, is exactly what the people in charge would want us to be doing so they can stay in charge.

That being said, I did march with a handful of #BLM protests recently. Fighting for all people to be considered people shouldn’t have anything to do with politics. It’s honestly just a humanitarian issue. Oh… & there is (hopefully obviously) nowhere near enough money in the world to get me to ever vote for Donald. 

As far as dreams go, I think I’m already living mine. I just hope I get to keep living it and sharing it with as many amazing people as possible for as long as I can. When talking about a family legacy, my fur babies have been all I really “needed” for a long time… but now that someone else is in my life, what I really “want” is turning out to be a much more of a fluid topic.

Status: After a nice 5-year bachelor incumbency, someone recently snuck past my ring alarms to steal my heart. I have no plans to report it missing or aid in its recovery in any way.

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