DILF Of The Day: John Paul Iacoangelo

DILF Of The Day: John Paul Iacoangelo

Who: Boomer. Over the past 20 years, I tried to change it several times to my given name: John Paul Iacoangelo. Any combination of those would have sufficed, but people would just say, “No, you’re Boomer.”

What: The undisputed most super proud Philly native in San Diego.  Father to three year old twin girls and a one day old baby boy. Husband, restaurant and bar owner. Friend to all, (except: Dak Prescott and Sidney Crosby).

Where: I spent 10 years working in the camera department for documentaries, short films and reality TV.  In production, I travelled A LOT!  Living in Los Angeles, work took me to 35+ states and other countries including: Lebanon, Samoa, Afghanistan, Peru, amongst others.  Somewhere in there, there was a moment where time froze and I met my wife, Lauren, who is also from Philly.  After years of embarrassing myself and chasing her, she came to her senses and decided to “make us official.”  We settled down. I also really wanted to be a father who was there for his family and children so I stopped answering the production calls and started a neighborhood restaurant/bar in our neighborhood of North Park, called Pretzels & Pints: California Tap Room. Out of all the places I’ve been, I love San Diego the most. The fact that I am able to make this home for my family makes me very proud.

When: Hmm…I am turning 40 in August and feel I am “slightly” on the older side of having a newborn in the house.  One of the biggest challenges is finding the balance of energy between work and coming home to play with the kids. In the food industry it is common for an owner to put in 80+ hours per week and become distracted by what is really important in life: family. Just recently,  someone asked me what I do for fun and it made me think about how lucky I am to have this business. Though there is constantly something to do, work is fun. I have a profession where I can be who I am: Boomer. I can spend time with the always entertaining regulars and feel like a blood brother with my amazing staff.  I enjoy working there everyday and go home feeling like I did not miss out on anything in life. Even though I do have the coolest wife in the world and if I wanted to, I could go to the bar with my buddies, but I wouldn’t want to leave her behind. She can party with the best of them and her presence is like a shot of “good time steroids” in the ass.

Why: Ok…the gig is up…I have to admit…I’ve always liked to be the center of attention. Dance the hardest, sing the loudest, middle of the group photos, etc…  (Astrological Sign: Leo. It’s in my blood). With that said, this may sound odd but I’ll explain. I’m motivated by motivating others. I try to be a role model by directing others towards a path of non-judgmental goodness and keeping things honest and simple.  Having Pretzels & Pints, I want to be that person you can come to, grab a pretzel and pint and tell me anything you want. Listen, I don’t always take the highest road.  Different situations call for different paths.  Admittedly, sometimes I’ll take an alternate road, but I hope that my actions or words beam a glimmer of positivity in people’s perspective. I realized early on that if I behave a certain way or say something ‘off the wall’, people would often mimic those actions or words. So I learned there is a responsibility to my choices. Hey, If I didn’t think that way, I’d have left Lauren a long time ago with these kids! Just kidding.

How: I’m a libertarian but don’t care who you support or what you believe in. As a small business owner I have to tread lightly here, but I believe in people’s rights to choose who they want to vote for and who they want to become. If people disagree about something, trust me, there are a lot more things in life that we can have in common to explore. Like…rainbow sherbet. Who doesn’t like rainbow sherber? Or a baby’s laugh (insert “awwwwwee” sound here).

Status: Happily in love and married for 5 years this month. Woah… it’s a big month for me…I wonder what  my wife is going to do for me? Teehe, wink.

DILF Of The Day: John Paul Iacoangelo DILF Of The Day: John Paul Iacoangelo

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