DILF Of The Day: Steven Michael Hagan

DILF OF THE DAY:  Steven Michael Hagan

DILF OF THE DAY:  Steven Michael Hagan

Who: Steven Michael Hagan

Nickname: Dad, daddy, and “asshole” by most. HAHA

What: Family father of two: Sky and Kal-El who are my two greatest achievements. General Manager of Buddy’s Home Furnishings.

Where: I was raised between Texas and Florida however I live in Brownsville, Texas now. I like to travel anywhere there is a beach. My hobbies include gaming with my son and sports: Football (Dallas Cowboys) and basketball (Lakers).

When: I am 37 and my plan is to build a life that my kids and I are proud of. My bucket-list includes: Visiting historical landmarks in foreign countries like Great Wall of China and The Colosseum.

Why: My heritage on my mother’s side of the family is German and my father’s side is Irish. My lifestyle is laidback. I’m a real homebody but occasionally like to go out and cut loose. In matters of religion, I believe in a higher power. However, I don’t practice one religion per se. As for politics, my view isn’t popular because I believe all politicians are full of it and lie to people to line their pockets.

How: My goal is to provide a great life for my kids and create memories that last a lifetime. The dream is to sit back on a beach, old and retired, and know I lived life my way. I want my legacy to be someone who fought hard to earn what they have, and never gave up or quit.

Status: I am dating someone but we haven’t gone public with it because we want to get to know each other more first.

DILF OF THE DAY:  Steven Michael Hagan
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