DILF Of The Day: Timothy Michael Casey

Timothy Michael Casey
DILF Of The Day: Timothy Michael Casey

Nominated by Patty Walker- Casey

Name: Timothy Michael Casey

Nickname: Tim, Timmy, Casey

What: Bar owner, Bartender, dad to a sweetheart 8 month old little girl named Winnie. Snowboarder, chef, partier, best darts player around, traveler, 2 semesters away from being called Dr. Casey.

Where: born in Barabou, Wisconsin and raised in Colby, Wisconsin. Lived in Aspen, Colorado and moved to Chicago where I stayed for 11 years. Now in Nashville, Tennessee for the last 6 months with my wife, 2 dogs: Rosie and Willie Nelson, a cat named Duma, and my baby girl, Winnie.

When: 46. About to turn 47 next month. I’m a late bloomer to be a dad, but loving every moment so far. I still want to travel everywhere, we just have another person to show the world to now.

Why: Irish Catholic. Love everything green, especially the Packers!!! Go Pack!
Timothy Michael Casey
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