DILF Of The Day: Tom Fox-Davies

Tom Fox-Davies

DILF OF THE DAY: Tom Fox-Davies

Who: Tom Fox-Davies

Nickname: Lots of people call me “Count” but it sounds funny with the American accent.

What: Father of two. Filmmaker, musician, environmentally conscious, big fan of humor.

Where: Raised in the countryside of South-West England. I split my time between London, Los Angeles, The Great Lakes; anywhere my work takes me.

When: 35. Currently working on a feature documentary to raise awareness of Usher syndrome.

Why: I’ve been described as “very British.” Despite a decade in the states I still speak with a pristine British accent. Maybe it has something to do with the tea.

How: I want to instill the values that were placed upon me by my parents. 1. We all have our unique talents and strengths. 2. Everyone has potential to do great things if they are given the opportunity to explore their strengths and talents so help those in need. 3. When in doubt… start with a cup of tea.

DILF Of The Day: Tom Fox-Davies
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