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One of the most challenging things to do when settling into a home is deciding on a style. For years I loved all neutrals. I enjoyed the use of color but wanted simplistic and minimalistic. The Gemini in me is always conflicted between the right side of my brain and the left. However, after years of working as a Design Stylist I recognize that a home and all of its original character play into the aesthetic choices. Which doesn’t change or takeaway anything, but it does contribute to things you may not initially consider. Without having to cut corners and really take my time developing my home, and the other projects I’m working on, I’ve found a way to mix design styles the same way you can mix textures, fabrics, and colors. It’s finding the right balance that compliment your style.

Since I haven’t pulled the trigger on what to do with my home I thought I would share home decor and living room inspiration. I’ve always loved The Line Hotel. The warm colors, homey vibe, and mix of patterns and prints. It’s simple with a lot of charm. Because of the moodier shades of wood floors and cabinetry in my new home The Line’s decor is something I’ve been toying with. Although it’s a complete 180 degrees from what my home currently looks like. But there is something to be said about a place you never want to leave, and a home should be just that. Your haven. A great carpet, mid-century sconce and fabric couch can create an inviting space like The Line Hotel. I love their use of texture and color in this lobby photo.

Hotel Lobby

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But there are still other ways to cozy up on the couch over a movie. No matter how hard I try to gravitate toward change I fall victim of all white, black, and brown decor. Maybe it’s the clean lines. The purity. The simple elegant and understated appeal, but this overall aesthetic captures my eye. It’s where I stop on Pinterest and all of my personal touches originate. Safe to say this is a good replication of my home pre-makeover. If I do decide to make changes however my dog will thank me for adding color.

Classic Modern

Living Room Inspiration
Photo: RH

I have a great backyard that adds character and has a lot of potential. It’s one of the reasons I’m flirting with the idea of changing the style all together. Transforming my modern classic home into something that feels a little more earthy. A hotel that does a fabulous job of designing a travel destination into a cozy villa is Casa Cook with their laid back vibe. It’s the perfect amount of desert retreat. Their use of wood, milk stools, linen drapery and vintage pillow covers make it the perfect rural hideaway.

Desert Retreat

Living Room Inspiration

Though I’m still on the fence if rural really suites me, Malibu oasis rings like music to my ears. A beach setting without the beach. Something that works well with all of my dark wood but adds a pop of color. Maybe a blue undertone or shades of green would make a peaceful contrast. Something elegant yet simple. Without having to change my aesthetic completely I can add more indoor floor plants, pendant lamps and textured wall art.

Malibu Oasis

Living Rooom Inspiration
Photo: Pinterest

Since I have time to rummage through inspiration before I begin a makeover this may be one of many living room inspiration posts. But I will be sure to keep you in the loop once I do settle on what’s next for me and my home.

Until then, here are a series of photos from Influencers, Parisian palaces, vintage and mid-century modern homes mixed with contemporary that I also love. Since a home is sacred and personal I’m really diving into all of my options on this one. If you are considering making a change in your home invest time into creating your dream space. Whether that means adding plants, lighting, accents, travel treasures, sentimental or bespoke pieces; bring your inspiration and comfort zone to life. As you can see from these photos there are several different ways to incorporate all of your must-haves while still maintaining your personal style.

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