Live The Life That Is Right For You

Live The Life That Is Right For You
Live The Life That Is Right For You

Yesterday while planning out every detail of the next three months of my life, which I should mention I am great with details but don’t live by a Google calendar, I slowed down and thought about what I truly want. So let me ask you: What do you want? The question sounds simple enough: happiness, health, wealth, love. But when you break it down what does that look like? How do you achieve it? The influence of culture has a great impact on what we want. We identify ourselves with society and place pressure on ourselves forgetting how to live the life that is right for you. We accept criticism from loved ones and strangers instead of trusting ourselves and going after what we want.

With a series of different COVID-19 episodes happening daily, it’s more difficult than ever to align your body, thoughts and desires to push forward and achieve them. For years I have been a Jill of all trades. More specifically a designer, creative director and brand developer. The commonly known self-employed. One of tens of thousands in Los Angeles. I’ve lived 1.5 decades unsure what my salary would be from month-to-month. The only constant I had to keep me going was my passion and company. After working at William Morris Endeavor (WME), W!ldBrain and many production companies, I knew back then, and still know now, I do not have an interest in working a 9-5 job. While the obvious like stability in those jobs is appealing, for me, I need to be doing what I love everyday so work never feels like a job. Which sometimes equals working 16-20 hour days.

As I mapped out every detail of every photo shoot, article, partnership and deadline on my calendar, I stopped myself. Here I was putting an enormous amount of pressure to ensure I could, and would survive, the roaring, but not the good kind, of tweeties. When it dawned on me there might be another way to tackle 2020. I can do less and enjoy more. I used to travel for months at a time. During that time no place ever felt like home. People on the outside glamorized my life believing I had no stress. I had stress it just wasn’t financial stress at that time. Because of my lifestyle choices, I never put pressure on myself to have a traditional life such as having a family, owning a house or working a 9-5 with better health benefits. At the time I was happy and had a cushioned salary.

What I want you to realize is I am 40. I don’t have kids or a husband, and I live alone. Which I love btw. Not the lack of commitment just the personal space and freedom. I chose this life because it afforded me the luxury of having the things I want. What if you could do anything you wanted but all you had to do was make the choice to make a change? Honestly, that is the one thing that stops most people. Some fear change, others have too many responsibilities to create change, and the rest are set in their ways. Change doesn’t mean giving up control over your life and going with the flow. Change can be as simple as allocating one hour everyday for yourself. Incorporating walks around the neighborhood with your family every Saturday, creating taco Tuesday nights with friends.

My life is different from a lot of people. Instead of comparing my life I’m embracing my life. I have airline miles and hotel rewards. I can live out of a suitcase and travel at a moments notice because it’s just me and that is what makes me happy. Change can be life changing or small changes. The only way to make those changes is by doing it. Stop talking about it, don’t rely on manifesting it, don’t put it off for the right time. The time is now to live the life that is right for you. If your dream is to own your own company I would not suggest ditching your 9-5 immediately. However, I would encourage you to actively set aside time to start developing habits to create that business. Start with small things like research, implementing 30 mins to 1 hour daily to work on tasks.

The more serious you are about what you want: children, buying a house, owning a business, travel, getting into shape, and start to act on it, the faster you can have it. Nothing happens over night. All success stories started somewhere, we just don’t always hear (unless you listen to Podcasts like NPR: How I Built This) their rags to riches story, and the 3-10 years spent drowning in desires and hopes to achieve them. What successful people all have in common is they started and never gave up.

If I can challenge you to do anything today it is to get serious about what you want. Visualize it. Write down exactly what your dreams look like. Give yourself a realistic timeline. Set goals and milestones. Then go out and get it. Apply yourself daily. Any amount of time is better than no amount of time along as you prioritize time management and consistency. Always remember time spent doing what you love is more rewarding then time spent idolizing someone else’s life or wasting yours.

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