OUAI’s New Detox Shampoo Will Unload Buildup and Protect Your Hair

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Last year I tried Ouai hair products for the first time. Since I have both fine and dry, color treated hair, I needed something that wouldn’t damage my strands and would protect them. I bought various collections from competitor brands prior to discovering Ouai, but they all left my hair dryer, brittle, stringy and everything in between. I was beginning to think my hair stylists magic touch would be the only thing that could save my hair. Until I discovered Ouai’s new detox shampoo that unloads buildup and protects your hair. I also use a few of their other products to maintain gorgeous, healthy hair.

Because of the damage done to my hair from so many years of color processing I rely on quality products to make me look and feel my best. Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere and your hair won’t style no matter how many dry shampoos, heat protectants or hair oils you use? I have! Plenty of times. The thing I’ve found to be the common dominator is using the wrong shampoos and conditioners.

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When I heard about Ouai’s new detox shampoo I was curious because it is made from apple cider vinegar (ACV) and who wants to smell like that? However, it turns out ACV helps balance the scalps and hair pH levels to restore its natural shine. If you have every been a dyed blonde you know the length you will go to for shiny hair. You also know how many days you forgo washing to increase your natural oil to repair your hair after each color treatment.

The formula Ouai uses to make this detox shampoo also includes chelating agents that remove heavy metals and chlorine and help offset the smell. The hydrolyzed keratin reduces frizz which most dye jobs (including mine) so desperately need. Especially if you air dry your hair which is healthier that using heat tools. I like to use a wave spray before air drying for a natural beach look.

I was relieved to find the detox shampoo smelled like their signature Melrose Place. A scented mixture of refreshing rose, bergamot, lychee, cedar-wood and white musk. With the removal of buildup and a deeper wash my hair looks and smells healthier and cleaner. Plus I don’t have a problem skipping washes and styling my hair now.

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