Our Top 5 Favorite Summer Essentials

Summer is here. The Fourth of July flew by and now it’s time for barbecues, beach days, lakes, camping and road trips. At Gamma Living we hope you’re enjoying your summer and want to keep you cool and stylish with our top 5 favorite summer essentials.

1. Mask

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The data is in: Masks and washing hands are the two best ways to control and slow the spread of COVID-19. We recommend wearing a mask anytime you’re in public or indoors around people who are not direct family or housemates. We’ve know men can be concerned about their “masculinity” but this is not the time to be the “tough guy” who doesn’t wear a mask. Studies show men are rebelling against masks because they feel they aren’t masculine. Care about others and saving people’s lives and wear a mask.

Wearing a masks will help us flatten the curve of spreading of COVID-19. Tragically elders and people of color are unfairly dying at much higher rates than young people and white people. Please wear a mask. It’s the least we can do for each other. It’s essential to saving lives, that’s why it’s our number one summer must-have essential product.

Support your local crafts people. Here is a link to Etsy. There are various masks being sold by Americans who are hand making them.

2. Coleman Stainless Steel Cooler

Why buy a plastic cooler that’s only going to last you a few years when you can buy a classic proven stainless steel cooler from Coleman for around the same price or just a little bit more?! Coleman is the cooler your kid will steal from your garage in 15 years. Plus they look better than boxy white plastic coolers. This stainless steel cooler is sharp. It stays cold. It holds up to years of abuse in the back of your truck or SUV, and can be used as a bench or a seat when needed.

Since cold drinks and fresh food is a summer essential we’ve named it number two. Everyone needs an iconic American cooler. What’s American or summer without men walking around in a pair of broken in blue jeans with a cold beer in their hand? Or soda for you non-drinkers.

3. Levi’s 501 Jeans

There’s not much we need to say other than Levi’s are the perfect fix for summer. Even their website says, “No man’s life is complete without a pair Levi’s original fit 501 jeans.” You can wear them to dinner with a button down shirt and get them covered in dust on a camping trip the next day. These jeans are the essential American item that every man should own. If denim isn’t your favorite try the grey or black. Simplify your life and wardrobe with Levi’s at all times.

4. Luminox Watch

If you don’t know that Swiss watch companies make the best watches in the world you should. It’s been a few centuries since the world learned the Swiss are the worlds best watchmakers and nobody really tries to compete. Instead most watch companies subcontract their watches to be made by the Swiss and then brand them as their own. Most of the time these watched w proudly state “Swiss Made” or “contains Swiss Movement.”

Luminox is my favorite brand. I’ve had the same watch for over ten years and it’s been beaten up and slammed against the pavement during a skateboarding crash. It still works like the day I bought it. I went through many rubber straps until I finally bought a chain link strap with stainless steel clasps. It’s lasted over 5 years already. If you want a watch that you can wear all summer for all of your adventures I recommend the Luminox brand. A good waterproof watch is essential and Luminox is proven to last for many summers to come.

5. Fiskars 14” X7 Hatchet

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No summer is complete without a bonfire or campfire, roasted hot dogs or grilled steaks, and s’mores. To get the job done right you’ll need a good hatchet for splitting up small pieces of wood or cutting dead tree branches for kindling.

The Fiskars X7 is a tried and proven model that’s perfect for camping or backpacking and is also great for landscaping and other outdoor work. Be careful and practice your technique with this and any sharp tools safely with eye protection and away from others.

Let us know what you think of our summer essentials list. Also leave us a note with your suggestions on what we should add to the list.

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