Resources To Get Involved and Help End Racism

Over the last week we have seen a group of people come together through grief and anger demanding justice with love in support of neighbors, friends, strangers and underprivileged humans. Peacefully protesting to make their voices heard and address the inequality in our world. We are all outraged with the racial injustice, police brutality, and economic and health inequalities which has united us in solidarity against bigotry and oppression.

Because of this fight for unbiased justice we are dedicated to educating ourselves with resources demanding change to help end racism, but it starts with doing the work. This means taking the time to understand, asking questions and listening.

Today we’re highlighting a few of the resources we are using to educate ourselves so you can learn more about Black Lives Matter. There are several outlets you can refer to, as well as, address conversations, read books, and watch films and documentaries.

Ways you can help: Donate or volunteer to help those who have only known poverty and discrimination. Vote for leadership that unites us. Support black-owned businesses and spread love and awareness.

Linked below are some of the things we are watching, reading and donating to now.



Donate + Volunteer


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