The Healthy Benefits of Sage Besides Removing Negative Energy

2020 started off slow, then rolled in with a fast storm. Once COVID-19 hit and we were forced into quarantine, I started burning sage daily. Multiple times a day. Anything to remove the negative energy. I burned so much white sage (Salvia apiana), and believe others did too, because they were sold-out from my favorite vendor within two weeks. This aromatic herb known for its medicinal and spiritual benefits does banish bad vibes, but sage does more than just remove negative energy.

Sage also helps treat anxiety, depression and colds. When sipping carefully you can alleviate a sore throat. Burning sage may cleanse your energy and offer healing, but one teaspoon of ground sage contains 10 percent of our daily intake of vitamin K, which helps assist our bodies with bone health and blood clotting.

Like many health enthusiasts, I changed my diet, workout practices and meditations while in lockdown. Now my focus is on continued practices to prioritize wellness first. Although I’m still burning sage around my house, I started to consume it also. This way I get the maximum benefits and small amounts of nutrients like magnesium and vitamin A it offers.

Sage is packed with antioxidants that boast anti-inflammatory properties and include antioxidant powerhouses carnosic and rosmarinic acids. These specific polyphenols may even contain anticancer and memory-boosting properties.

You can also use sage as a cleansing herb to banish body odor, or treat wounds and skin infections caused by staphylococcus. I use sage essential oil at home. Hints of the essential oil can help improve your mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also an effective disinfectant against airborne microorganisms.

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