The Natural Secret to Healthy Skin


Here’s the thing ladies and gents, and everyone in between. We have all succumbed to the marketing of: if you have a face you need a moisturizer. Says who though? Oh right!!! Say some of the beauty companies that have a ton of money to advertise their products. Let’s break it down since we have done the research for all of us. The natural secret to healthy skin is oils.

  1. Our skin (which includes our FACE) is the largest breathing organ
  2. EVERY product that we put on it really matters.
  3. We all have skin concerns: dry, acne, oily, combination, normal, all of the above. Then add anti-aging concerns and we comeback to the most important takeaway: our skin is our largest breathing organ. So regardless of your skin type, we can all agree on one thing: we need to take care of it. 

Let’s breakdown the formula: 

There are several types of essential oils that will help with fighting your own skin problems, but they need to be diluted with what’s called a “carrier” oil. 

 Carrier oil explained here.  

Depending on your skin type there are a list of fun essential oils you can use for your face. I’m an Eastern European with fine lines and wrinkles so lemon, rosehip, carrot and jojoba oil is my jam. However, read more here about what essential oil combinations are right for your skin (and not through a beauty site but from scientists who actually research our organs which include our skin/face).

…Now say goodbye, farewell, to all the moisturizers you have ever spent money on that never ended up giving you the love and care your skin (and face) really needed and make your own at home.

No guilt trip necessary btw. It took me 30 something years to discover this, so we are all in this together. It takes a village right? BTW I hated chemistry or anything having to do with math in school but I understand this ratio: 3 parts essential oil to 2 parts carrier oil. It’s kind of like a margarita… But I guess a great margarita means enjoying more and counting less. Either way, count the essential oil meets carrier oil ratio to find the secret to healthier skin. Then celebrate with countless margaritas!

Have fun! If you don’t have time to make your own oils, we’ve got oil for every type of skin care concern you can imagine. All made in Los Angeles with only organic ingredients including the most important one: LOVE. More coming soon! Otherwise, there are other great brands out there, just make sure you find the oil that’s right for your skin.

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