Time For a New Best Fwend

Time for a new best fwend
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COVID Dairies Part I: Time For a New Best Fwend!

So you’re one of those beautiful humans (yes you are!!!), who is thinking about getting a companion during this time but don’t know how or where to start.  We’ve got everything you need to know about meeting your new best fwend.

Let’s start with the fact that dogs provide both physical and mental comfort.

Regardless of whether you have a slow moving fur-ball, or high energy paced dog, you still need to get their blood flowing, go for daily walks and happily pick up their poop. Now that we have the physical part down, do dogs really provide emotional support? Yes. Fuck yes. I’ve had days, months; and if I’m honest, years, where the only reason I got out of bed was my dog (s). If you’re low-key and curious to learn more, check out this article that explains how dogs make us better, and feel better.

So now that we know the benefits of adopting a dog, let’s get more specific. There is literally zero reason, unless you are a person competing in Best in Show––which is not so secretly one of my favorite movies––why you should buy a dog. The more people I talk to about this, the more I realize they want to adopt but feel the fostering / adoption process is too complicated. Whether you’re hypoallergenic or just wanting something extremely specific, if you could rescue that other half, wouldn’t that make the entire foundation of your love for one another that much stronger? And yes! There are tons of labradoodles available for adoption 🙂 I’ve personally adopted one pup from this site and love the easy peezy process https://www.petfinder.com/. You put in your desired gender, breed, age, color, location and you get a list of purfect fwends.

If you’re in the LA surrounding area, here’s another awesome resource.

What’s the difference between fostering and adopting and NO there is no pressure.

I fostered five dogs before I adopted my first one and I’m beyond grateful for this experience. I learned that every dog has their own specific personality just like every human. Guess what, some people and dogs connect better than others. For example, I thought I wanted a high energy dog to walk, hike, get my cardio up with, but after fostering German Shepards, Huskies, and lab mixes, I realized I’m actually really lazy. So after several fosters, I settled on adopting my first dog: Junebug, a chiweagle mix. She was low-key but high energy when needed. Purrfect. Several years later, I knew I wanted to add another member to my pack and rescue a big dog. I grew up with one and that provided a sense of childhood comfort that I needed at that point in my life. So I adopted a pitbull who, yes, ended up being the greatest love of my life. So much so, I had her inked on my arm. After Piggle crossed the doggie rainbow, I rescued Oliver: a purebred Maltese. I travelled a lot and knew I couldn’t live without a dog but also couldn’t afford a dog unless the dog could travel with me, so Oliver rescued me. The point being: you choose a dog based on your lifestyle rather than what you think you “want” because otherwise you will end up resenting an animal. The last thing anyone wants is for more animals to end up in shelters.

End Rant.

But seriously, whether you foster or adopt, or both, it’s a win win for all. Aren’t we all exhausted from this hustle called “life?” A dog looks at you and it all literally makes sense again. Speaking of making sense, let’s talk about cannabis: a low-key important answer to basically all of life’s problems… next time!

Love, love.

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